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The Truth About Acne Skin Care

Let’s face it, you are in a continual fight if you suffer from acne. While acne treatments are generally effective for a mild case of acne, moderate acne is a bigger problem. Even dermatologists cannot cure a severe case of acne, they can only provide an acne treatment regimen.

However, you can support your acne treatment efforts with proper skincare to reduce the recurrence of acne breakouts and not worsen existing acne.

Knowing What You’re Doing

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One of the first tips is to make sure you understand and follow the directions for each acne remedy you use. If you are taking a prescription acne medication, read the package leaflet carefully. As a rule, a dermatologist can prescribe various acne medications for moderate to severe acne, each of which contains its treatment protocol and instructions.

To get the desired acne-free skin, it is important to apply all acne treatments correctly and in the correct order. Take a paper, pen, and friend or family member with you to your dermatologist appointment. Just write down a few notes about the order and time of day to use each acne medication and what its purpose is.

Remember, just because acne disappears with the use of your acne medication does not necessarily mean that you have successfully cured acne. Most people with moderate to severe acne should continue to use their acne medication over the long term to prevent their acne problems from recurring. Proper use of acne treatments should result in clean skin without acne scars.

What About Over-the-Counter Remedies?

Acne products on the market labeled skin cleansers, facial cleansers, pore cleansers, and facial pore cleansers that can be used to cure acne.

In addition to using medications prescribed by a doctor, there are a lot of products on the market labeled skin cleansers, facial cleansers, pore cleansers, and facial pore cleansers that can be used to cure acne.

When cleaning acne skin, it is important not to rub the skin. Never rub your face with a washcloth. It is a mistake to think that acne is caused by dirt that clogs the pores of the skin.

Scrubbing and Overwashing acne-affected skin only worsens the condition. Instead, use a mild skin cleanser, warm water, and a gentle movement of your fingertips as the primary acne skin care program. If you wash your face with your hands, you should wash your hands well first.

Do Natural Treatments Really Work?

Do Acne Natural Treatments Really Work?

Look for cleansers that are sold as acne solutions. When evaluating acne skin cleaners, also consider natural acne treatments in your research. For example, an Echinacea soap and other herbal ingredients are an effective antibiotic facial cleanser that helps fight acne and restore clear skin. Tea tree oil also has known antibiotic properties and serves as a mild anesthetic that soothes irritated skin.

Oily skin is one of the causes of acne. It doesn’t really make sense to use a moisturizer on oily skin to get fair skin. But many acne treatments, whether prescribed or available over the counter, tend to irritate the skin while acne is cured.

A moisturizer stimulates irritated skin and prevents the skin from drying out too much due to the acne treatments used. Look for a moisturizer with the following properties:

  • oil-free
  • does not clog the pores (non-comedogenic)
  • which contain sunscreens

In addition to the great desire to get rid of acne, many people try to remove acne pimples by hand to lighten the skin. People with acne should avoid touching their faces, except, as previously mentioned, gently wash with a mild cleanser.

If you try to remove the pimples by hand, there is a risk of acne scars that will last a lifetime. Instead, be patient and trust that your prescription or over-the-counter acne treatment will work. Acne remedies usually last 6 to 8 weeks before the acne heals.

For men with acne, the daily shaving ritual can be a problem. The Gillette Sensor Excel was recommended by an acne patient as a smooth and effective shaver. Other men prefer an electric shaver. It is recommended to shave gently to avoid skin stinging and frequent shaving. Finding a moisturizing shave gel can be one way to improve your acne skin care program.

Women with acne also have unique problems finding the right cosmetic products. Women who are used to using a base product may find that it is difficult to apply the base gently when the facial skin is irritated by the acne treatments applied.

You may no longer need to use certain cosmetic products during acne treatment. Make sure to choose only oil-free cosmetics and those labeled as non-comedogenic (don’t clog pores) to use on your way to cleanse your skin.

Proper acne skin care is a necessary addition to your arsenal to fight your acne fight and regain fair skin.

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