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What You Need To Know About Ingrown Hair!

If you ever have shaved, waxed or plucked hair Anywhere outside of your body, you will most likely have ingrown hair experience. And if you’re one of the lucky few (or unlucky, depending on whether you’re a shopaholic or not) who’s never seen ingrown hair, feel free to check this out these Instagram account is becoming increasingly popular, with which you can see some juicy moves close up.

Why do I get ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs can happen to anyone regardless of whether you have undergone hair removal or not. However, people with very coarse or curly hair are more likely to get annoying ingrowths. especially when they shave. Why? Because when you shave, cut your hair off Law over the skin, often at a slight angle that makes them sharper than normal. This can cause the hair to curl up again and then grow again in this unfavorably curled position. Instead of growing out of your skin as desired, this curly and freshly sharpened hair grows in a different direction – often directly back into your skin. In this case, your body treats the ingrown hair as an invading foreign body. For this reason, ingrown hair is very often under pimples or inflamed areas.

Ingrown hair can also appear if the hair follicles are clogged with dirt, dead skin, or oils. In this scenario, the hair in the hair follicle must grow sideways under the skin and not upwards and outwards.

What You Need To Know About Ingrown Hair!

I have ingrown hair, now what?

First, make sure it’s really ingrown hair and not a normal pimple. If you can see the little hair root underneath, you can remove it. If not, you are likely assuming that the small bump is ingrown hair, since it appeared after removing hair from that area. If it is itchy and irritated, it is most likely an ingrown hair. Sometimes ingrown hair can also cause Hyperpigmentation.

Once you find that you have ingrown hair, most people just pull this sucker out. Sometimes this works, but sometimes the tweezers do more harm than good, especially when the hair is deep under your skin. You might be able to get your hair out, but you can also damage your skin unnecessarily and simultaneously introduce bacteria into a newly opened wound. If you get a pimple or infection after pulling ingrown hair, it’s probably because you used your fingers or tweezers to get some dirt into your skin.

1. Soaking a washcloth in warm water and press it against the ingrown hair for a few minutes. This softens the hair and the skin around it and brings the hair to the surface of the skin.

2. Using sterilized tweezers or a needle, gently work out the ingrown hair to the end. Avoid tearing the hair completely while it is under the skin. Instead, just drag it to the surface.

3. If you cannot easily remove the hair, don’t force it. Try again with the warm compress or Leave your hair alone. We know it’s a tough question, but try it.

4. When you are finished, wash the area with warm water and a moisturizing soap.

In some cases, tweezers or a needle are not practical options. When ingrown hair grows sideways under the skin, there is often no opening or piece of hair over the skin to pull on. In this case, a dermatologist can make a tiny incision and pull the hair out safely.

How do I prevent ingrown hair?

If you are someone who removes their hair no matter what area of ​​the body, you probably don’t want to let the forest grow just to prevent a few ingrown hairs. Instead, one of the best ways to prevent ingrown hair from occurring is by Exfoliate or gently rub your skin. This not only prevents dead skin cells from clogging the hair follicle but also prevents hair from growing into the skin and becoming ingrown hair.

If you’re a dedicated razor, Make sure you shave properly! Failure to use a shaving aid, a blunt razor blade, or shaving at the wrong angle can result in unnecessary ingrown hair.

If the scrub doesn’t work and you still seem to have a lot of ingrown hair, consider a different type of hair removal. If you shave, try waxing or even laser hair removal.

It can be a literal pain, but remember, ingrown hairs are not something to be ashamed of! Almost everyone gets it sometime in their life!

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