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Acne is one of common skin diseases. It is could be occurred in every people mostly in teenager for various reasons like hormonal and genetics. There are some common questions about acne that can arise in everyone’s mind. Some common question and answer about acne are given below for your help.

I identify that I’ve been suffering from acne; can you please tell me what causes acne?

Acne can rise by hormonal problem. When the pores of your skin is blocked by excessive oil which is produced under your skin then acne is start to grow. If any of your family members have acne then you have a chance to affect by it. Visit for detail on what causes acne.

How many persons affected by acne?

As acne is one of the common skin problems it appears almost 90% of all young girls or boys and 20% of all adults are affected by it.

What make acne bad?

There are some factors which can make your acne worse. These are given below:

  • Friction prompted by rubbing or leaning on the skin.
  • Pressure on that and frequent touching.
  • Environmental problem, like high humidity and pollution.
  • Scrubbing the skin.
  • Picking or Squeezing at blemishes.

How many times I have to wash my skin in a day?

Wash your skin 2-3 times with mild soap in a day. But only fresh water is very better.

Does medication has side effects?

Of course, some acne treatment can make your acne worse mainly anti-epilepsy drugs and corticosteroids. If you can realize that your acne is getting worse for taking any acne treatment or acne medicine then you have to consult your doctor without making any delay.

Is the sun helpful to cure acne?

No, sunlight could not have any power to get rid of your acne rather it can harm to your acne, because the ultra-violet ray of sun is very harmful to your skin as well as your acne.

Does humidity and sweating make my acne worse?

Yes, both humidity and sweating can make your acne worse, because humidity and sweating can make hydration.

With whom should I consult to treat acne?

A skin specialist or a dermatologist is better to treat your acne.

When should I stop taking medicine?

Without consulting your doctor you should not stop taking medicine.

What is the actual, medical name of acne?

Acne vulgaris (means common or usual) is the actual medical name of acne.

Is it not false that acne gets worse previous to periods?

No it is not false; many women observed that their acne becomes worse just 2-7 days before of their periods. Mainly it is occurred because of hormonal change.

When should I go to a physician?

If you come to know that acne is growing on your skin, you should go to a skin specialist.

What must I avoid?

You should avoid all of those which are harmful to acne such as greasy cosmetics, anti-septic soaps anti-septic scrubs harsh sunlight, taking extra oily foods. And if possible you should go with herbal acne treatment like clear skin max.

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